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hello, we hav a delay, our april vacation is still intact!! i am… - Slowly it rises, never ending, consuming... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
sumcunning41 (AeoKyn, Sunata Kai)

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[Feb. 25th, 2005|06:34 am]
sumcunning41 (AeoKyn, Sunata Kai)
[i am |tiredtired]
[voices in my head |nirvana-"dumb"]

hello, we hav a delay, our april vacation is still intact!! i am awake fairly early i'd say, and my sense of balence is off,headache, i willl get over that, and my body aches.

floor hockey is a dangerous sport, u can fall and people will trample you, everyone does anything in their power to keep you from getting or keeping the puck, (anything violent)

this makes me think, what if u stand  on the side intill everyone gets as exhausted as i was then start playing? you'd kick ass.

but the issue with that is, nuhn is there to tell you to start moving and it eventually gets annoying and my little idea fails

i'm going to hav soup annd lay down and hopefully my beautiful angel that i calll jamie will calll me and i wont be so lonely. i miss her already and i talked to her 7 hours ago, AHHH!!! i miss her, i hope she calls.


angels seem to take us in their wings, but really they transfix us in such a way we think we are flying whenever we are with them.


jamie my true angel.. i love you!