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Slowly it rises, never ending, consuming...

What have i become?

sumcunning41 (AeoKyn, Sunata Kai)
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Do not bring up the past unless you plan to build from it.

Azrael i love you

Azrael is the guardian of my soul.

trapped within ourselves
"Darkness blinds my eyes"

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

this is what you call an angel
Jamie's are love

just one bite
jamies are vempyric love

The Little Dragon
The Little Dragon

Wisdom and Prowess
The Idol and The Hero

"The darkness within the light"

"Thou shall fear me"

Haku's sorrow
"To protect someone precious..."

the tigers
we are trusted

The unstoppable
"Pure evil never stops"